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Agricultural Trailer Braking Systems - Selection, Operation and Maintenance

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• Trailer not stopping as well as it used to? • Heard stories of expensive tractor brake repairs? • Confused by talk of new EU trailer braking regulations? • Think you may be pushing the limits with that new 50 km/h tractor, but surely there’s life left in that 15-year-old trailer? • Unsure what to replace it with or how to upgrade it? If any of these questions apply to you, this course will provide the answers, helping you get the best performance from your current & future equipment Dr Andy Scarlett, tractor industry consultant, provides an overview of hydraulic & air braking systems and revised UK & new EU tractor-trailer braking requirements. A practical guide of what to look for when buying new; the scope for upgrading existing trailer brakes, and exactly how to keep it all properly maintained, roadworthy & legal. Everything you thought you didn’t really need to know ……. until it wouldn’t stop !…… or DVSA had a look ! Course features classroom (am) and practical workshop (pm) sessions, including: - • Trailer Braking: - Rules, Regulations & Reality (legislative overview) • Agricultural Trailer Braking Hardware (what should do what – Hydraulic & Pneumatic systems) • HSE-DfT-Industry Agricultural Trailer Braking Study (research findings) • Choosing, Using and Upgrading Trailer Brakes (making the right choices) • Maintaining Trailer Brakes (theory behind the practice) • Practical Workshop Demonstrations (braking system disassembly, maintenance & re-assembly) Attendees receive comprehensive course notes and copies of all electronic presentations used

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