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Getting the best from your Spray(ers) - Arable/Potato

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Getting The Best Out Of your Sprays and Sprayer in Arable Crops and Potatoes. Including In-furrow Treatments, and The Application of Insecticide Granules. Content: Background to Modern Labels Development of UK spraying and what happens in other countries Spraying Practice and The Law including LERAPS and Reduced Volumes Water Volumes Adjuvants Sprayer Components and Plumbing (Practical Indoor) Sprayer Filling Features of a good sprayer Getting the best out of GPS Nozzle Physics (Practical Indoor) Characteristics of Different Nozzles Spray Drift, causes and prevention Targets, and how to hit them Setting the sprayer to optimise performance Design and Development of Improved Nozzles Recommendations. Additional Content for Potatoes - including Trials and Field Experience. Setting up and checking a granule applicator for best control of pests Setting up a planter and applicator for In-Furrow Treatment. Best Nozzles and practice for Blight Sprays Best Nozzles and Practice for Dessication

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