Zoom Pesticide Training

We are running the following PA courses via Zoom –

  • PA1
  • PA2
  • PA4 (S + G)
  • PA6
  • PASC.

ALL practical elements have been videoed in advance and the instructor provides live commentary as the group watches them.

So far, we have great pass rates for all categories and have received wonderful feedback, which you can read below –

“Although I was a bit skeptical prior to the PA1/PA6 training - I'm a bit old fashioned - I thought Alan did a great job of delivering the courses. Obviously the PA6 is always going to be better if delegates can physically familiarize themselves with the various bits of kit, but Alan did a sterling job with all the props he had to hand in his office. The examiner said he was 'impressed with my knowledge', and that is all down to the training - I have almost no previous experience of using spraying equipment - and I only revised the course material we were issued with. So top marks to you and the team”

“I had my PA6 assessment this morning and passed with flying colors. I was lucky to get an assessment so soon, but the assessor was only just up the road from me. The practical side was harder than I expected, but after a lot of practicing, I got there in the end. Many thanks for all your help, top notch as always.”

If you would like to attend any of the above courses please email or call 01366 500050 for more information.