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BASIS Certificate in Crop Protection (Arable)

Assessment type

Training and assessment

Minimum duration

20 Days

Course delivery



This course covers all aspects of crop protection decision making, including field use, storage, application and environmental impact, to equip students with the competence levels required to gain the BASIS Certificate. The course is popular with advisors, agronomists, farmers and farm managers looking to further their understanding of crop agronomy.

The subject areas covered will include the following:

Recognition and biology of weeds, pests, pathogens and disorders

Classification and mode of action of pesticides and biological control agents

Application, transport and storage of pesticides

Integrated crop protection strategies in the major arable crops

The course is delivered in eighteen days which are organised into six blocks, spread over six months, plus two days for the final examination. There are normally three to four weeks between each block. Delivery is through participatory lectures, group exercises, practicals and visits.

The course is assessed by means of a one hour multi-choice examination, an identification test, a written project and a field-based oral exam.

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